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Biomimiq’s products and services are based on in vitro human skin equivalents (HSEs).
These are living equivalents of healthy and diseased human skin.


Relevant microenvironment

Isolated cultures of primary skin cells and established skin cell lines lack a relevant and organized microenvironmental context. Advanced three-dimensional in vitro models of human skin integrate skin cells in a relevant microenvironment. In literature, these models are designated three-dimensional, full-thickness, organotypic, (bio)engineered or reconstructed human skin equivalents (HSEs), models, constructs or rafts.



Three-dimensional in vitro HSEs contain an epidermal compartment and a dermal compartment. The epidermal compartment harbors epidermal cells of any origin, including healthy, diseased or transformed primary keratinocytes, established epidermal cell lines or complete primary skin (disease) explants. The dermal compartment of HSEs may be composed of any biological or artificial matrix representing human dermis, including rat-tail type I collagen, human fibroblast-derived matrix (FDM), de-epidermized human dermis (DED) or artificial matrix. The dermal matrix may be either acellular or seeded with any type of human stromal cell, including healthy or disease-associated human dermal fibroblasts, endothelial cells or immune cells. The epidermal and dermal compartments of HSEs are separated by a fully functional basement membrane (BM).




Figure 1 | Schematic overview of Biomimiq's full thickness human skin equivalent (HSE) generation technology.

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