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Paper Published: Decellularized collagen matrix from tilapia fish scales for corneal reconstruction (BioCornea).
2014 Nov;111(11):1027-32.
doi: 10.1007/s00347-013-3011-y

Decellularized collagen matrix from tilapia fish scales for corneal reconstruction (BioCornea).

Hos Dvan Essen THBock FChou CHPan HALin CCHuang MCChen SCCursiefen CJager MJ.

The worldwide need for donor corneal tissue clearly exceeds the availability of transplantable human tissue; therefore, recent efforts aim to identify and characterize alternative tissues, such as decellularized collagen scaffolds.
The transparent fish scales of tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) were analyzed as a potential alternative for corneal reconstruction ("BioCornea").
The article gives a review of the literature and own preliminary results. After decellularization the tissue characteristics of the fish scales, the repopulation with corneal epithelium and stromal cells, immunogenicity, the feasibility of corneal transplantation and the angiogenic properties were analyzed in vitro and in various animal models.
The fish scales mainly consist of collagen type I and show an architecture that is similar to the human cornea. Corneal epithelium and stromal cells are able to grow over and into the scaffold. It is possible to transplant fish scales in various animal models without severe inflammatory responses. Furthermore, in mice, less blood and lymphatic vessels grow into the xenograft when compared to conventional allogenic transplants.
Preliminary results with decellularized tilapia fish scales as an alternative for corneal reconstruction ("BioCornea") are promising.

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